What is Digital marketing Exactly?

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What is Digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a type of advertising on internet channels like Social media, Any websites, Google search engines, YouTube Etc. It is also called “Online Marketing“. By using these internet channels companies are advertising. Like their goods, services, brands, research, and developments, beating competitors and growing their business to new heights.

Digital Marketing is made up of two common words:- Digital + Marketing

Digital:- Digital in the meaning of electric media or channels of the internet. In simple words, digital means “online”. There are internet is everywhere in the world & total of 89% of the people use the internet. In which 26% of the people are online constantly. So, the internet is a large platform for advertising or marketing your goods & services.

Marketing:- Marketing is a common word for any individual. Marketing is a process that starts before production & ends after-sales. Let’s make this easier, before launching a new business you should research the market and your product competitors then you’ll start the production as per your way of doing marketing. After selling your products you have to give some of the post services like delivery, guarantee, warranty. This is how marketing starts before production & ends after-sales.

What are the Digital Marketing Assets?

Digital assets are the most important thing or medium of the complete digital marketing process. Many of the things can be digital assets. Let’s make this easier to understand by some of the examples down below.

  • Website
  • Facebook Pages
  • YouTube Channels
  • YouTube Videos
  • Images (Business post, Achievements, Informations)
  • Instagram Pages
  • Blogs (Industrial blogs, personal blogs, about your business blogs)
  • Tools (Tools that helps you to grow more easier & fast)
  • Business reviews (Testimonials, peoples opinions)

These assets look quite simple but in reality, these are the most important assets for your digital marketing. Don,t forget to optimize & make your assets easy to understand for others.

What are the Types of Digital Marketing?

Online marketing has so many channels that if you don’t have proper knowledge of each you can drop your results & sales by doing wrong procedures. Let’s read about each channel of digital marketing in detail. So, you don’t do something wrong with your businesses.

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)

Search engine optimization is one of the biggest & professional channels of marketing. It is also known as organic marketing, which means unpaid marketing on the search engine result pages (S.E.R.P.) of google. This is a process of optimizing your website (Organic & technically). Because it is a professional skill & consumes more time to get the expected results, this process can take you to the front page of the google search result pages by doing the SEO in a proper & effective way to the best of the results from it.

The most important term for SEO is finding a Keyword or a high search volume keyword. Only high search volume keywords can give you the result. Working on low search volume keywords can only waste your time & hardworking.

This is an example of Search engine optimization.

There are mainly two types of Search engine optimization processes. Which are On-Page Optimization & Off-Page Optimization.

Let me give you a short brief of both processes.

On-Page Optimization:- On-page optimization means working in the website backend & optimizing your website so that content is easier to understand by others. It could be technical (mobile-friendly setup, permalinks, crawling) or non-technical (Grammer, paragraph length, headings).

Off-Page Optimization:- Off-page Optimization means setting up more preferable backlinks for your website or content to reach the maximum traffic. Creating backlinks is an easy & fast process but creating a quality follow-up backlink is not that much easier.

Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.)

Search engine marketing is also known as Pay-per-click (P.P.C.) Marketing. There are two terms “Marketing” & “Optimization”. Whereas marketing means paid or optimization means unpaid. Search engine marketing means showing sponsored ads on different platforms. Like Websites, Youtube Videos, Display Ads, Search engine result pages. So, Every time a user clicks on an ad the amount already set up in the campaign is charged by Google. This channel of marketing is extremely effective for a short time & quick marketing. It doesn’t take more time to set up a campaign & your ad to be live on Google platforms. This channel of marketing can also be used for retargeting & automation tools that can give you more profit. It is cheaper than the other types of advertising. Like newspaper ads, T.v ads, Banner ads.

This is an example of Search engine marketing ads.

Social Media Marketing (S.M.M.)

Social media marketing is showing your products, services, schemes, brand details by running social media paid ads campaigns via social media platforms. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube & many other recognized platforms. This advertising process is fully dependent on targeting the potential audience for your product & services. This process can contain planning, listening, engagement, reports. Social media marketing has the potential to reach a broad audience. In social media or any other platform “Content is King” the more your content is effective or profitable for others the more likely they start to share it on other profiles & pages.

This is an example of social media marketing.

Social Media Optimization (S.M.O.)

Social media marketing means using the techniques & strategies more effectively to promote your goods & services unpaid on social media. These techniques contain some of the various effective techniques like relevancy is one of the most important factors on social media marketing. Giving the right content to the right person at the right time is the key to success. Sharing or creating relevant content in relevant groups is a necessary task for digital marketers.

For example:- Sharing content giving details about digital marketing in food or health-relevant groups. So, it is not that effective it could be rejected or reported by group admins or people because it is not the right place for digital marketing content, but sharing it in a digital marketing group is more effective or engaging than food or eating groups.

This is an example of Social media optimization.

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