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What are the top 10 tools for digital marketing?

Digital marketing is so popular that more than 90% of businesses are upgrading their businesses online to reach the maximum numbers of customers and generate more profit. Using digital marketing in the right way is the key to success, making strategies for digital marketing is quite tuff but performing them is a challenging task. If you know about some of the most popular tools for digital marketing & how’re their algorithms are working to give their best & which can make this tuff work easy. You can completely transform your online business into an automated online business.

In this blog, I’m going to give you every single detail about the top 10 most popular tools for digital marketing in the industry & how you can use them in an easy way. So, here are the top 10 most popular tools that can boost your business to the next level.

  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Google Search Console
  • GMB (Google My Business)
  • Google Analytic
  • Google Adwards
  • Mailchimp
  • Hootsuite
  • Yoast
  • Canva
  • Ahrefs

Facebook Business Manager

Everyone knows about Facebook even more than 68% of people have their Facebook profile & 33% of people use Facebook on a daily basis. Most people use Facebook for wasting time on it & for personal purposes. But 28% of people use Facebook for business purposes & using Facebook professionally to upgrade or promote their businesses.

Facebook Business Manager is the most popular tool in the industry because it helps you to optimize your social profiles & help you to update your daily business activities on your profile.

Task that the Facebook Business Manager tool can do:-

  1. Can manage your Facebook & Instagram Account from one place
  2. It can let you run or manage ads on social media
  3. Facebook Business manager can manage your products catalogs at one place
  4. It can let you manage multiple pages from one place
  5. You can manage your business assets & multiple ad accounts

Google Search Console

Google is a Popular platform or search engine worldwide. For providing a proper direction to a website it launches its most special tool that can manage your site problems, crawling, site audits, reports, sitemap, robot txt files & many more things in one place.

Google Search Console is also popular with the name of Google Webmaster tool. Google webmaster tool can help you in SEO, Keywords, Search Queries, Web-page performance & also helps you manage your site on the google search engine result page.

Task that Google Search Console tool can do:-

  1. This tool can help you to rank your website
  2. It can help you in Website SEO
  3. This can help you in your search queries
  4. Google search console can help you in keyword research & placements
  5. It can give you full report of your website

GMB (Google My Business)

Everyone uses a map for navigation, but you can use it also for your business by listing your business on the map. There are some benefits that you should list your business on the map. one of the most important benefits is that you can target your local customers from here.

Every Business starts with local then it will grow to a bigger level, firstly you should target your local costumers to get their attention & then launch your business in a bigger market.

Task that Google my Business tool can do:-

  1. Google my business can helps you in Local SEO
  2. It can help you in building trust
  3. It can help you in Promotion
  4. This tool can help you in listing your business on Google maps
  5. It can help you to reach local costumers for your product & services

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a good tools for digital marketing that can help you in various specific terms. It is mostly used for tracking users on a website or website traffic. It can help you to track & manage website traffic, sessions & duration, bounce rate, user details, user session on the page, user clicks, the keyword that user searches, from where traffic is coming, contact details, check if a user fills your form or not, conversion rates & many more things.

Task that Google Analytics Tool can do:-

  1. Track user data & page and user sessions
  2. Helps you to manage Website Traffic
  3. Help you to control Bounce Rate
  4. Track user behaviour
  5. Helps to check users engagement

Google AdWords

Google Adwords is an advertising platform that helps you to run ads on multiple platforms like Google search pages, Youtube Videos, Website Ads, & ads on other partnership platforms. You can run multiple ads at a time & generate instant traffic on your website & any other platform. But, you need to target your customers for generating traffic for your platform.

Google Adwords is a paid platform you’ll need to pay some bid amount per ad click for running an ad on Google platforms.

Task that Google Adwords Tool can do:-

  1. You can access to keyword planner by Google Adwords for keyword research
  2. Google Adwords Automatically place your ads on its platforms & its easy to setup a campaign
  3. One Ad Account can be managed by multiple users
  4. It will give you suggestions for targetting your customers
  5. You can start remarketing to your old customers by Google Adwords


Mailchimp is an email marketing software or tool that can help you with its bulk email services. It can be multiple emails at a time. It is very similar to Google Adwords. Setting up a campaign & uploading data of your target market is the most important process in this tool.

Task that Mailchimp tool can do:-

  1. You can setup your mail campaign for a specific time & date
  2. It is easy to setup your mail campign
  3. You can use mailchimp for transational email also
  4. Mailchimp is a paid platform which charge the best price per email in the market
  5. You can setup & upload data of your customers easily


Hootsuite is a social media marketing management platform. You can manage the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube from this one tool. You can also manage users & calculate Return of Investment (ROI).

Hootsuite is able to schedule posts for any social media platform & can manage almost everything in a single tool.

Task that Hootsuite Tool can do:-

  1. You can manage multiple profile from one place
  2. Hootsuite can schedule post & videos for any platform
  3. It is a paid tool but can give you a tension free environment by its algorithms
  4. You can manage your users in the dashboard
  5. You can calculate Return of Investment in it


Yoast is an SEO tool that can help you with your SEO tip, tricks & suggestions. It also warns you of critical SEO problems that must be solved. It is best because it shows you the critical problem with a solution. Yoast is easy to handle & use You can integrate this plugin in WordPress for free. It also has a paid version which can let you manage most things automatically.

Task that Yoast SEO tool can do:-

  1. Yoast will Suggest the best appropriate option for SEO
  2. You can Manage Both SEO & Redability Score here
  3. It will help you to set the focus keyphrase in your article or blog
  4. Yoast will help you to set meta title & description for each page individually
  5. It will automatically generate Schema & Sitemap for your website SEO


Canva is a design platform where you can work with your team members on a single project. It provides you with 2 million+ templates & design elements. You can use canva on the browser & its app version also. Canva has a Pro version also which gives you more design elements & templates which look professional. You can also use canva for video editing.

Task that Canva tool can do:-

  1. You can work with your team on live projects
  2. Canva is providing you millions of templates & design tips
  3. You can design almost everything from a logo to printed t-shirt
  4. Canva pro version is more professional & unlocked with pro templates
  5. You can directly schedule post for social media platforms


Ahrefs is one of the best tools for digital marketing that will help you in creating stuff that is good for your website SEO. It has many functionalities you can use like keyword research for almost every platform like Google, Facebook, Youtube & many more. Its primary work is keeping an eye on website health & SEO ranking. This tool will also help you with your website link profile & check that how many backlinks are good or not for your website SEO & analyze website traffic activities.

Task that Ahrefs tool can do:-

  1. You can explore as many as keywords you want with Ahrefs
  2. You can generate & manage website audits
  3. Ahrefs can keep an eye on SEO health
  4. Ahrefs can help you with backlink analysis
  5. It is mainly used for checking website link profile

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